Dammam City Guide

Dammam City Guide
Quick Facts
Country:Saudi Arabia
Known Names:
Population:1,093,705 (2021)
Area Code:+966
Currency:Saudi Riyal (SAR)
Time Zone:Arabia Standard Time - UTC/GMT+3

General Information / Guide

Dammam is the fifth-largest city in Saudi Arabia, located in the eastern part of the kingdom along the coast of the Persian Gulf. For decades, the city was a small fishing settlement, but after the discovery of vast oil reserves, it rapidly became an urban city and today it serves as one of the most important administrative centers of the Saudi oil industry. Even though most of the city is surrounded by arid desert, it still manages to offer some of the best tourist spots in Saudi Arabia.


Climate / Weather / When to Go

Dammam experiences a Hot Desert Climate, with an average temperature of around 24-26 °C. Due to being a port city, winter is ideal for traveling to Dammam, as the temperature is around 24 °C during winter, with a minimum of 19°C. Meanwhile, during summers, temperatures can reach up to 42°C, with a hot and humid presence due to the Persian Gulf.


How to Get There

King Fahd International Airport, located 31 km from the city center, is accessible via direct and connecting flights from various locations. To reach the city center, travelers can opt for taxis or airport shuttles, both taking approximately 45 minutes.


Food / Restaurants / What to Eat and Drink

Dammam offers a variety of cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy both local and international dishes. Besides local delicacies, you can find some of the best examples of Pakistani and Indian cuisine. In restaurants like Ghazi Restaurant, Tayaba, and Masala House, you can try Tikka Masala, Chapli, Biryani, Haleem, and more. For Indian cuisine, Tajzadi, Shezan, and Hrizon are among the best alternatives for authentic Indian cuisine. The Garden Café and Café & Burgers are located within King Fahd Park and are ideal for snacks, coffee, and cold beverages. If you want to eat seafood, Try Darin Restaurant, and for examples of Turkish cuisine, Kunefeci is one of the best restaurants.


Important Places / Places to Visit

King Fahd Park: Ideal for nature enthusiasts, this park has numerous species of trees, bushes, and plants, and spread over 100 hectares with mesmerizing greenery.

Marjan Island: It is a man-made island, that is ideal for picnics, has many playgrounds for children, offers ferry tours, and is one of the most famous landmarks in Dammam.

Alfelwah and Al Jowharah Museum: This should be the number one spot to visit for history enthusiasts. It showcases thousands of historical artifacts, personal items of King Abdulaziz, and the 500-year-old Quran.

Heritage Village: This is another spot for history and culture enthusiasts, it showcases the progress of Saudi civilization throughout the years, with ancient manuscripts, weapons, jewelry, and many other artifacts.

Al Othaim Mall: One of the most popular malls in Dammam, offering a wide range of retail stores, restaurants, a cinema, and different entertainment options, which makes it ideal for families.

Dammam Corniche: Dammam Corniche, with a quaint park, cafes, a playground, and carnival rides, offers a peaceful environment for all, especially visitors with their families and those who love outdoor activities.


What to Do

Dammam Corniche is one of the most famous spots in Dammam. You can stroll, spend time in cafes, enjoy rides, or try water sports while there. Dammam Corniche offers numerous activities for different people and is also ideal for families. If you are a history and culture enthusiast, you can explore the Heritage Village Museum and Dammam Regional Museum to learn more about the history of Dammam and the kingdom. If you want something more entertaining and thrilling, watch shows in Dolphin Village or have fun in the famous theme park of Adventure World. Located along the Persian Gulf, you can also relax at the famous Half Moon Beach while in Dammam.


Nightlife / Bars / Entertainment

Dammam doesn't have a vibrant nightlife due to the prohibition of alcohol in the city. Nevertheless, you still can enjoy its growing entertainment scene with numerous cafes, restaurants, cinemas, and international restaurants where you can have mocktails or authentic Arabic coffee.


Shopping / What to Buy

Numerous souvenir shops are scattered throughout different parts of Dammam, but if you want the most authentic experience, try Share Al-Hob Souk, which is also known as “Love Market”. Gold is perhaps the most common souvenir in Dammam, so you can find the best jewelry shops in the outer streets of this souk. Besides gold, spices, carpets, perfumes, ceramics, fabrics, and incense would make great souvenirs.


Festivals/ Events

February: International Petroleum Technology Conference

November: ASIS Middle East

December: WINTER FAIR Dammam


Holidays / Festivals / Important Days

22 February - Saudi Founding Day

23- September - Saudi National Day

Eid Al-Fitr

Eid Al-Adha


Things to Pay Attention to / Important Information

Ensuring your skin is covered with lightweight, breathable fabric is essential due to the constant presence of the sun.

Demonstrating public displays of affection with your partner is discouraged.

Women should adhere to clothing guidelines that include covering their shoulders and knees.



In Dammam, you can use taxis, rented cars, or buses to get around the city. But buses are not commonly used as a transportation. Taxis, on the other hand, are the most common way of transportation, as there are a variety of options, like regular taxis, cheaper minibuses, and cab services like Uber and Careem.

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